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Date 2003-09-22
Publisher Activision
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Publisher Electronic Arts
United Kingdom Retail Box ArtSid Meier is the main man behind such classic games as Pirates and Civilization, so it only makes sense that his first stab at a Civil War game is nothing short of brilliant. While Sid Meier's Gettysburg doesn't even attempt to painstakingly model every weapon, uniform, and other piece of equipment used in this most decisive of Civil War battles, it does a better job of convincingly re-enacting the conflict than any other war game we've played.Gettysburg plays out in real time, unlike other games that model the battle with consecutive turns. Players can slow things down when the action gets out of hand, or speed things up during long marches or while waiting for reinforcements to arrive. The terrain is 3-D and line of sight is modelled, so you aren't going to see that Confederate regiment behind the hill until either your units or theirs crest the ridge. This also makes it possible to hide some units in a tree line for a devastating ambush.It takes time to limber and unlimber artillery batteries, meaning careful planning is key to victory. Infantry can be ordered to assume one of several formations depending on what you are trying to achieve, and moving them in strong battle lines is essential (and tricky). It's the little touches that really set this game apart, like hearing marching music as the enemy approaches or a battle cry as your troops fix bayonets and charge an enemy position. Gettysburg is a must-have for Civil War buffs and any war-game fan looking for a fun, challenging game. --T. Byrl BakerPros:Great historical flavourReal-time combat is an exciting challengeCons: Purists may wish for more detailed weapons modelling

- Epic battles of American history await you in this historical adventure
- Command troops through the bloodiest battle ever fought on American soil
- Choose to play as Union soldiers or the Confederate army
- Control over 100,000 solider units; view the entire battlefield from afar
- Authentic 3D civil-war battlefields, weaponry, and uniforms
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