Gettysburg: Armored Warfare
Genre Action -> FPS
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Armored Warfare is a multiplayer vehicle combat game. The game supports up to 64 players per game server. The player also has the option to practice offline. You construct a vehicle by starting with a chassis type, and then adding weapons on to it. Each chassis has it's own set of strengths and weaknesses - as do the weapons which can be mounted to the vehicles. In addition, the player has the ability to exit their Warbot/Vehicle and enter a first person command mode where they can give orders to their robot in the 3rd person, and work as a team with their AI robot. Some chassis types include 4 wheeled buggies, 6 wheeled buggies, tanks, hovercrafts, and walking Mechs.

The Armored Warfare game world is composed of several key elements that are common across all the environment types -
� Terrain � The main element of the world, can be either grass, snow, or desert.
� Trees � Will always stop a vehicle.
� Bushes � Vehicles can drive through bushes.
� Rocks � Will always stop a vehicle.
� Grass � Does not affect vehicles.
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