Ghost Recon Island Thunder
Genre Action -> Tactical
Today's Rank 0
Date 2002-09-24
Publisher Ubisoft
Date 2002-11-07
Publisher Ubisoft
North America Retail Box ArtGhost Recon: Island Thunder takes you back to the combat zones of the world, with an all-new mission pack to complete! Incredible realism as you experience everything you'd face on the battlefield, with the deadly Ghost Recon! Requires full installation of Ghost Recon to run

8 new single-player missions in an all-new campaign set across the island of Cuba.
5 new dedicated multiplayer maps.
12 new multiplayer weapons, including the M4 SOCOM rifle and the MM-1 automatic grenade launcher.
2 new multiplayer game types.
New Cuban enemy vehicles, new allied vehicles and insertions by helicopter
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