GI Combat
Genre Strategy -> Wargames
Today's Rank 1690
Date 2002-10-29
Publisher Strategy First
Date N/A
Publisher Mindscape
North America Retail Box ArtGI Combat is an incredible real-time strategy where you see and feel the experience of combat in World War II!

- It's June of 1944 -- you're on the beach at Normandy where you'll strive for victory against the Nazi menace
- Join up with your troops and enter a full 3D environment with unsurpassed detail
- Over 60 different squad types and dynamic events make sure it's never the same campaign
- Hold back enemy offensives, lead an assault to capture key objectives, and charge into combat with determined grunts who'll lay down their lives for you
- Can you succeed where others failed and alter the outcome of World War II's most important battles?
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