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Date 2001-11-03
Publisher Macplay
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North America Retail Box ArtGiants: Citizen Kabuto is an odd little game. It takes place on a small island populated by short, big-headed people who speak with Scottish accents. They are called Smarties. Out to sea the evil Sea Reapers plot to retake the island for themselves, and they've created a 30-foot-tall monster named Kabuto to help them with their task. To this world come the Meccarins, a trio of humanlike spacemen who wear powered armor and have jetpacks. They arrive and befriend the Smarties against the Sea Reapers, and Kabuto breaks free from Sea Reaper control. All heck breaks loose. Giants was developed by Planet Moon Studios, an offshoot of the wacky Shiny Entertainment studio that brought us Earthworm Jim and Sacrifice. It shows. The between-mission movies are hilarious and filmed inventively (using the game's graphics) throughout. You begin by portraying the Meccs as they puzzle out the new world and help people. Next you portray Delphi, a sexy sorceress Sea Reaper, and finally you get to walk in the massive footsteps of Kabuto himself. The game plays with arcade style; before you're done you'll have flown around and fired weapons, conjured spells, participated in a jet-ski race or two, and eaten just about everything that moves as the giant himself. It's dizzying, it's fun, and you'll never forget you played it. (Note: not for kids--strong language, nudity, violence, and adult humor throughout). --Bob Andrews Pros: 3 different sides Brilliant use of style and humor You get to be a giant! Cons: Multiplayer isn't satisfying A few crash bugs exist
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