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Graphics: 9.5
Sound : 9.5
Gameplay : 9.5
Multiplayer : N/A
Overall : 9.5
Review by McGyver
Giants: Citizen Kabuto

Giants, a game that was requested by hundreds millions people around the world.
A game consisting of a graphical world, never seen before.
A game with much humor and a lot of action.
A game that brings RTS and RPG together.
How good and bad Giants Citizen Kabuto is and how to play it? Just keep reading

The Story...

Everything begins in the air, where 2 Mecs are riding an air plane., one of them wanted to jump out.. but got a hangon in in the hutch. After tanding your mission is to find a smartie boy. From this time on Monsters like Rippers are the enemies to fight against.

Later on there are also monsters like Sea Reapers, Evil Reapers *eg*, Kabutos, Offsprings, Delphi´s and last but not least Superman Reapers.

As it appears from the main screen there are 3 characters to choose among:
the first is the Mec - an earth like roboter with an head like a smiley! The second one is the Delphi - a girl(!).., a wonderful looking virgin (are u sure?) woman with magical skills. And last but not least the big Kabuto - a creature no one ever seen, starring only in several books, but like a miracle.. it was sweard up by the mother of the Delphi and from now on the Kabuto is a reality, tall forty times the Mec, with powers like the Mecs and Delphis together!

The in depth truth and plot about all these characters, how they relate to each other and how they play together is fair to deep to be taken ino a review, playing is the only way to know everything about this jewel.

The game developers did an huge job on cut scenes, they're really funny but hardly to write about, it's a bit like Southpark or the Simpsons, a sort of noir humor... Just to show an example, and to proove words are not as funny as cutscenes: "The father hasnt seen his son since months, and finally the son comes back..."

Timmy (Smartie): Hello father!! ::))))
Father (Smartie): Yeah son.. and this if for your beeing away! *slap*slap*
Father (Smartie): Now get to your mum..
Timmy (Smartie): Yeah that would be a pleasure for me!! :)

some seconds later.. a sea reaper comes and kidnapps the small Timmy when he was going to his mum.

Father (Smartie): Now Baz get me some fooood

after the Mecs come with the food the Father says...

Father (Smartie): Oh yeah! Dinner at last! :)
Father (Smartie): Wait ..... whats this.....
Father (Smartie): That foood is RAWWWW!!! #ä@]²=U!$
Father (Smartie): I NEVER eat raw food!
Father (Smartie): My wife cooks everything i eat!
Father (Smartie): Oh....
Father (Smartie): I forgot my wife..
Father (Smartie): The reaper guards kidnapped her the other day :P
Baz (Mecc): well sorry about your wife but have you seen some other guy like us?
Father (Smartie): i d... i di... i dunno.. you will have to ask my wife!
Father (Smartie): Get her back to me! Now!

That was just a SMALL cutscene with voices and an atmosphere never seen before. The movements of the creatures and the main caracters are as smooth as possible.

In Giants Citizen Kabuto there are 3 kinds of Isle where you can play on. The normal Island.. green palms, grass and all what a isle is well known for. The second Island is a ash island .. red like hell and nearly no trees just some vimps. The last kind of Island is the snow island, snow some trees (not filled with snow) frozen water and a nice looking world at all.

As it is normal when climbing a hill, or a mountain, the air and also the wind goes stronger, if you stand on the top of a mountain, and stand without moving, it is possible to hear the wind blowing. Also when there is a small bush, you will hear the small creatures moving in it. As usual there are waves on the sea, if you stand near the sea you can hear the waves and also creatures approaching are hearable. Everything that moves.. you can hear it. This game has the best ambient sounds I ever heard of and I directly heard myself. If you're going to listen only it will be like being in a real world. If you walk around you wont hear much, but if you go carefully around without making much noise, you will hear everything and everybody. Just like it happens to be in real life.

Three ways of Handling a Creature

Since there are 3 very.. different types of main characters in the game (as different as in Starcraft), its very usefull to give them a very different power, and movement possibility. Those three creatures have so huge differences from each other that they'll look like three different genres of animals on earth, experiencing a real living model.
The Mecc needs to eat meat of Vimps, to grow stronger and healthier, Delphie needs to get souls of dead creatures to invent spells and make them usable. Kabuto.. needs to eat a lot of Reapers or Vimps to grow stronger and healthier, also as a change needs to eat some Evil Smarties.

Since the Mecc comes from the earth, he defends and attack with real futuristic weapons, Millenium Mortar, normal Pistols, Sniper weapons, Rocket Launchers and a lot more, every weapon is good for something. Sniper works good against heads.. but not against walls or houses.. but the Millenium Mortar is.. it blows everything and everybody close enough.
The pro of the Mecc, is a helicopter that you can use to flight with. Flying and firing around is just one of the positive things of a helicopter. But as soon as the enemies builds Land-Air rockets it will be pretty hard to attack in flying mode.

Delphi uses its sword, or bows mostly. She can carry 4 Types of bows at one time. I.E. the Sniper bow, the Firebow, the homingbow.. and another blasting bow.. which can destroy 1-10 enemies together. But the real feature of the Delphi are the magical Spells. There are about 20 spells, from snow to the Tornado. Other spells can let others move twenty times slower or faster than normal. One of the best spells at all, is the Sea Monster one; It's meant to swear up a sea monster and let it puke out a HUGE fireball. Since Delphie is not that stupid, she uses to move around with a Jetski. Those can bring her where ever you want and they carry weapons and like racing game they can have turbo boosts. Jetski can used for assaults too, Since if it gets destroyed u dont get any damage.

The biggest thing you can image.. Kabuto.
He's Growing bigger and bigger, eating reapers like we use to breath air, Kabuto has the power of twenty Meccs firing at the same time onto a building. He has a special attack.. the andrenalin attack, that takes his whole body to smash on a building or on the ground, Every building is fast flattened with one attack!

Kabuto also uses to command his Offsprings around: he lays eggs and out of these eggs comes offsprings. They can be moved and they grow up, Kabuto and his 2 offsprings are like god itself. Undestroyable.., the only thing that can hold him are Delphi AND Mecc together, destryoing Kabuto is possible in Multiplayer Matches.

When you want to play Giants on Multiplayer, its better to plan to have 3/4 hours free, since everyone has a base and all buildings and walls it will be pretty hard to get inside, at least it takes time

The team modes are:
Mecc vs. Mecc
Mecc vs. Reaper
Reaper vs. reaper
Mecc with Reaper vs. Kabuto

Since in normal mode it's pretty hard to have a winner it's a good choice to try Capture the Smartie game, for each Smartie you catch up and bring to your base you will get points,
and when the point limit is reached you won.

You can also have a full base from the beginning, there are many to try out, and each kind of game is really different, needing its own tactics.

The best graphics ever seen

Detail range like in real life - Transform and Lighting (T&L): these are just 2 of hundreds of graphical extensions Giants has. It is like the best graphic ever seen on a monitor. Such a wide viewing range and an impressive degree of details in that range without any frame skipping. Of course everything has it's draw back, it looks too good, the minimum set of hardware for decent performance is a Pentium III 450 with a good gfx card and at LEAST 128mb RAM, otherwise it's pretty impossible to win later missions where you are in need of viewing deep into further land.

Gameplay: Since there are very many keys you will have to use, it's pretty hard to get into that game, especially for new players. Profesional gamers will get their fun. And even if Kabuto, Delphi and the Meccs are that different, when u know how to play the Mecc, you will know how to play Delphi. 9.4/10

Sound: The Ambient sound the voices and the humor of the game makes it perfect!

Graphics: The best graphic ever seen and most new graphical features also. Giants is the best looking game ever!

Story: Out of this plot you can have enough for three movies. Engrossing!

Overall Score: Since Giants is the most perfect game I ever found, with humor, beautiful look and a solid handling, I get down on my knees while playing, knowing it is the best one I ever played. The final score for this game is

Final Notes : I have never seen such a wonderful humor in a game, before. And I even never saw a graphic like this and I could not really believe when I started to play.. I did play this game from 8am to 9pm, just some drinks (no drugs? -hiv-) helped me to stay up. Simply I could not stop, as soon as I did complete a mission, I was in need of starting the next one, knowing I could save and get back after was of no help to me.

Multiplayer : The Multiplayer mode is not as funny as the Single Player mode but that's not because it doesn't have a plot. Its just a matter of Magic, Base Building, and Strength, depending on your character choice.

Singleplayer : Around 20 missions for the Mecc 15 for Delphi and 10 for Kabuto. In my not so humble opinion, at last we have the best game of the year 2000.

Hardware Requirements:

Minimum: Pentium II 300, 64MB Ram, 3D Card, Win9xMENT2k
Normal: Pentium III 500, 128mb Ram, 3D-Fx Card, Win9xME
Optimum: AMD Athlon 800, 256mb Ram, GForce 2 Ultra, Win9xMe