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Godus Beta Trailer (HD)
52.57MB - 67 downloads - 31 August, 2013

The GODUS Beta will be available on Steam Early Access starting 13th September, 2013. You can find GODUS on Steam Early Access here http://store.steampowered.com/app/232810

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Godus Prototype Trailer (HD)
45.3MB - 172 downloads - 18 December, 2012

As a god your destiny is to spread your influence throughout the world. But you are only as powerful as your following. Using your ability to sculpt the land, you can create a habitable environment that will allow a population of believers to flourish. In your crafted utopia you can grow as a god in the face of various challenges that affect the population. You can watch hundreds of individual followers live out their lives with dynamic and captivating behavior. If you choose to spread out and conquer more lands however, you will confront other gods with their own civilizations of followers. There is only room for one god, so prepare to guide your worshippers into battle by altering the world around them with your god powers, then watch your followers reign victorious across the world.

play Godus Prototype Trailer (HD) download Godus Prototype Trailer (HD)