Genre Action -> FPS
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Date 2002-06-04
Date 2002-09-06
Publisher Mindscape
North America Retail Box ArtGore is an online multi-player FPS game with an offline ladder system challenging the player against an advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI). There is also an offline, single-player mode for players without an Internet connection, or who want to practice offline. 4D Rulers, the games developer, has implemented many new things which will have a profound impact on traditional deathmatch play, as well as other new and popular gaming styles. The addition of a Stamina model, where players will find it harder to move and jump as their stamina decreases, adds a fun new tactical element to the traditional FPS. Other gameplay features have all been implemented in new ways that will change the way you play! In Gore, armor must be shot off before the player takes damage, unique character models not only look but play differently and the environment is fully interactive.

The player has the choice between a dozen classes of characters, each having their own specific features (strength, weapons, endurance, life points) that he will select depending on his tastes, the game environment and also his opponents.
All the weapons present in Gore are equipped with a double function (double Ingram, shield, grenade launcher, rebound laser, etc), which gives the player more than 40 different ways of tearing his enemies to shreds! What's more, almost all the visible objects in Gore can be destroyed.
Do you want to stop your enemy from dressing his wounds? Aim carefully at the health bonus, and it will go up in smoke, taking with it the mangled body and hopes of your enemy...
Endurance is one of the main features of Gore, the one that will often make the difference, the one on which the whole style of the player's game depends. Running, jumping, carrying heavy weapons, it's all tiring, and particular attention will have to be paid to the management of this resource which can help to avoid the player finding himself in a tight corner with nowhere else to go, unable to avoid the bullets, almost dead on his feet. In this situation, the only thing left to help the player survive is the armour and luckily it's efficient. It gives protection from all damage resulting in fewer damage points than its fixed level of protection. You just have to aim right or choose a powerful weapon to cause real pain!
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