Grand Prix 3
Genre Sport -> Racing
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Date 2000-07-28
Being in a Formula One racing car is undoubtedly an exhilarating experience--zooming around a race track at breakneck speeds, the noise, the asphalt screeching by. You can get a taste of that with Grand Prix 3, the latest in the popularGrand Prix series from Hasbro Interactive and Geoff Grammond. Set in the 1998 season, this game has managed to recreate the essence of the sport through beautiful graphics, a plethora of options and in-depth gameplay. GP3 supports practice, non-championship racing and of course champion season, as well as a quickrace option to throw you straight into the action. Once you've chosen your race format, everything from front wing balance to pit stop strategy can be changed--even whether or not you want to be affected by car failures like blown tyres and transmission problems or go to both practice sessions on the Friday and Saturday or not is all included. If this isn't enough to keep your driving mitts happy, there's also an option to produce race reports. Driving performances, lap times, record times and even lap charts that can all be printed out, so you can show your friends after the race and analyse where you went wrong.Although everything from the weather to the tyre choice has been thought out and well executed, the keyboard controls can be a bit on the clumsy side. To combat this, the game does offer support for steering wheels and joysticks, with calibration options to increase or decrease the sensitivity. If you are one of these people who spends Grand Prix season Sundays in front of the television screaming for Schumacher to get out of the way so Coulthard can get past, then this game will give you the chance you've always been looking for to prove your driving worth. --Stuart Miles
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