Gravity Core
Genre Action -> Arcade
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Date N/A
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Gravity Core is an inertia based game in the spirit of 80's classics such as Asteroids, Thrust and Oids, with an added injection of hardcore shoot-em-up.
An unknown force has taken control of the fledgling mining colony in the Mars Jupiter Asteroid Belt. Earth’s military cruisers are unable to navigate the confines of the asteroids. As the only mining pilot on the outside, that just leaves you!

You must use all your piloting skill to rescue the miners and find a way to defeat the threat!

50+ Levels of furious fighting and daring rescues.
Strafe gun turrets, tanks, robots and factories.
Battle interceptors and destroyers that will seek out and destroy you.
Tear up enemies with plasma, cannon shells, gattling guns, missiles and devastating frag bombs.

Use all your piloting skill to recover core spheres using your tractor beam.
Discover the awesome power of the Gravity Core.

Play competitive and co-operative games with friends via LAN.
Randomly generated campaigns for almost infinite replay value.
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