Ground Branch
Genre Action -> Tactical
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Date N/A
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Date N/A
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The Ground Branch Team enters the fray and the player begins a whirlwind experience where the battlefield evolves and the morality of right and wrong become a matter of choice. The gamer will chase a warlord and an elusive truth across a country while employing advanced techniques such as covert underwater scuba operations and high altitude parachuting techniques known as HALO to surprise a vastly superior enemy. The basis for the Ground Branch game experience is, like everything else in the title, realism. There are legions of FPS fans that are constantly saying, I wish there was a game where I could do such and such just like the real world. With Ground Branch, they will. All the while getting their hands "dirty" and experiencing the visceral consequences of hard decisions made during desperate situations.
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Screenshots added: 2009-01-12