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Date 2002-05-20
Publisher Rockstar Games
Date 2002-05-23
Publisher Rockstar Games
North America Retail Box ArtUnited Kingdom Retail Box ArtWith Grand Theft Auto III, Rockstar proves that not all developers are concerned with toning down the violence in their games. This sequel is even more bloody, violent, and sadistic than its popular predecessors, offering up an enormous 3-D city in which nearly any criminal act is possible. Players are free to steal cars, beat up the local population for their money (or weapons), make time with prostitutes, or simply roam to their heart's content. Those seeking more structure can embark on dozens of plot-driven missions or steal cars that let them play minigames. Nab a cop car and go on vigilante missions. Grab a cab and play a deadly version of Crazy Taxi. Take a fire truck and earn money putting out fires. The game just never gets boring. As in real life, there are consequences for your criminality. As your random acts of mayhem mount up, the police start hounding you, eventually calling in SWAT trucks, the FBI, and even the army if you continue down the path of destruction. Shaking these pursuers is easily the most fun part of the game, especially when a bunch of friends are packed in the room to witness your narrow escapes. Grand Theft Auto III is fine-tuned to near perfection in every category. All the vehicles, from slick sports cars to lumbering dump trucks, handle exactly as you'd expect and smash apart realistically when abused. The three islands in the game are rendered in terrific detail considering their size, and are packed with traffic, pedestrians, and hidden jumps. The audio is equally amazing. Pedestrians talk, cops scream at you, and you can tune in nine different radio stations whenever you are in a car. It all adds up to a monumental achievement: the rare console game for adults that manages to get everything right. --T. Byrl Baker Note: This review refers to the PlayStation2 version of this game. Pros: Offers an enormous world for players to exploit, rendered in staggering detail Equally fun whether you go on plot-based missions or run around as a freelance crook Cons: Ultraviolence, foul language, and adult situations mean you'll want to keep this far away from kids It takes too long to get from one island to another, making some missions tedious

GRAND THEFT AUTO III FOR THE PC is a fully immersive 3D game environment that recreates the experience of a gangster left alone to his own devices.
ENHANCED 3D AUDIO, environmentally scaled and referenced from the player's perspective gives cinematic realism to the gameplay.
STATE-OF-THE-ART VISUALS, utilising the latest in PC hardware, render the city more beautifully than ever in GLORIOUS 32 BIT COLOR.
WREAK HAVOC in the massive, expansive metropolis of liberty city avoiding cops and infiltrating rival gangs.
Revenge plot drives the player through the game, whilst retaining NON-LINEARITY AND FREEDOM of previous GTA games.
Steal any car OVER 50 VEHICLES to choose from, anything you see is yours for the taking.
Liberty city is a COMPLETE PHYSICAL UNIVERSE with laws, rules, standards, ethics and morals. They are yours to shatter.
Over 80 GANGLAND MISSIONS and loads of side missions. Work your way through the hierarchy of the gangs, meet bigger bosses, get better jobs.
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