Genre Sport -> Racing
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Date 2006-09-15
Publisher Viva Media
Date N/A
North America Retail Box ArtCome summer 2006, GTR 2 will set new standards all over again! The new DirectX9 graphics engine ensures that the race cars and circuits are portrayed in a more detailed and photorealistic way than ever before, and the sensation of speed experienced with the HP-beasts is even more immersive, thanks to the improved driving model.

- Realism has been redefined: absolutely authentic physics, dynamic day and weather changes as well as an impressive damage model
- Great variety: 144 grand touring cars reproduced down to the last detail including all vehicles of the GT and NGT classes and the 24H races from two FIA GT seasons
- Original circuits: 34 different track variations
- Tough competition: Human-like AI opponents
- Scalable levels: 3 different game modes (Novice, Semi-Pro and Simulation)
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