Genre Action -> Action
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Publisher NHN USA, Inc.
Date N/A
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NHN USA presents Gunbound Revolution, a free-to-play online game that combines the straight forward play of a turn-based shooter with the strategic elements of planning, equipping and operating a variety of mobiles, each with different attributes.

On the planet of Londe, generations of battle have lead to three different races developing great instruments of war with devastating powers to change the landscape. Each race specialized in different technology and weapon systems. After much destruction overcame the land, the people of Londe finally set aside their differences and established peace. And the weapons of mass destruction from Londe’s violent past found new purpose - modified for sport and competition!

Become a Gunbound Jockey and hone your skills with the ultimate combination items that best suits your style of play. Earn gold and use it to upgrade your abilities and customize your style as you advance through the ranks and become a member of the Gunbound pro elite!

Minutes to Learn, Lifetime to Master. Gunbound Revolution is a straightforward game that can be picked up in a few minutes. As you play, the depth offered by different attributes and terrain changes makes Gunbound Revolution a dynamic experience where no two situations in battle are ever the same.

Easy Access. Gunbound Revolution is a turn based game that players can enjoy regardless of broadband connection speeds.

Limitless Customization. There are countless ways to customize your style and stand out from the crowd.

Free Online Experience. Gunbound Revolution offers a complete, full featured free online gaming experience; there isn’t even a “trial version.” The complete game, including 3D rendered sprites, animation and backgrounds, is available to players at no cost.
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