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Gundog Roll Call Gameplay Trailer (HD)
22.91MB - 169 downloads - 20 June, 2013

Check out Gundog's latest roll call featuring some of it's top soldiers classes such as the Shotgunner, Rocket Trooper, Sniper and Medic. Gundog is an upcoming MMO Shooter featuring collectible and unique Gundog cards that offer players new Gundogs to battle with and become top dog. Join either the Union or Empire forces and unleash the dogs of war.

play Gundog Roll Call Gameplay Trailer (HD) download Gundog Roll Call Gameplay Trailer (HD)
GUNDOG Announcement Trailer (HD)
12.78MB - 68 downloads - 8 March, 2013

Set in an alternate World-War era, Gundog mixes shooter action with card-collection gameplay, with a unique comic-style; best of all, it has dogs.

play GUNDOG Announcement Trailer (HD) download GUNDOG Announcement Trailer (HD)