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North America Retail Box ArtRome's numerous alliances are wearing thin, her allies are growing impatient with every new defeat. As the fearless, ruthless Hannibal of Carthage you are the commander of 25,000 troops who have sworn their allegiance to you in blood. With decisive victories you will bring the Roman empire to its knees and conquer what is rightfully yours. Rare Game!

- Covers All of Hannibal's major campaigns and battles from Span to the gates of Rome
- Contains detailed artwork and accurate animated battle simulations true to the era.
- Soldiers, chariots, horses and even elephants are all animated in full detail
- Solo and Multiplayer abilities over modem, Lan or the Internet! Command as the genius Hannibal or take the role of the Roman commanders and challenge the enduring legacy of Hannibal's conquest.
- Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows ME (Tested on XP)
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