Harvest: Massive Encounter
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Harvest: Massive Encounter is an award-winning real-time strategy game for Mac OS X and Windows with battles of epic proportions and a unique style of resource management and exploration. In this 2D fantasy you take on the role as the base commander of a space colony far, far away, and must use five building types in a creative way to efficiently expand and defend it. Build power plants, mineral harvesters and defense towers and make sure they have sufficient energy to fend off endless hordes of evil aliens. The game offers a vast array of possible strategies with these simple rules, and will compel you to try new and better base designs every time.

Survival Real-Time Strategy Game with Epic Proportions
You must build your base, gather resources and fend off endless hordes of aliens. The game uses a highly optimized engine perfectly suited for epic battles with literally thousands of enemies!
Unique Resource Management that Requires Planning and Creative Thinking
The fragile balance between harvesting, energy production and base defenses requires planning and creative strategies. The energy must be linked to your buildings, the minerals must be reached and your harvesters must be protected. Will you be able to handle it all? Will you findan optimal solution? Is there one?!
Beautiful Rendered 2D Graphics
Harvest: Massive Encounter contains beautiful high-quality 2D graphics that will make the most of your 3D-accelerated graphics card.
Five Game ModesRanging from Relaxed to Insane
The game can be played in four game modes: “Normal”, “Rush”, “Wave” and “Insane”, each with a new kind of challenge. If you want to freely explore the game, there is a fifth game mode called “Creative” which is designed for that purpose. In Creative you can play at your own pace, design your space colony the way you want it to look with all sorts of buildings. In this mode the aliens will not attack unless you want them to!
Three Worlds with New Challenges and Discoveries
Visit the planets Hephaestus, Poseidon and Ares. Each planet has its own artwork, environment and alien types, and will offer you a new experience.
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