Hidden and Dangerous
Genre Action -> Tactical
Today's Rank 16551
Date N/A
Publisher TalonSoft
Date N/A
Publisher Take 2
North America Retail Box ArtSet across the landscape of the Second World War, Hidden and Dangerous is played out in the style of Rainbow Six and Rogue Spear. Your task is to command a four-man team of soldiers through a series of 23 missions across enemy lines.But be warned, this game is no walk in the park with the mission getting progressively harder as the campaigns go on; the usual gung ho approach doesn't work here. For starters, the bad guys are no longer blundering idiots waiting for you to attack. If they see you sneaking around they will raise the alarm and fire at you.The weapons list to help you complete these missions is formidable, with everything from German Stick grenades to the impressive Bren gun. Yet firepower alone won't help you, with an equal balance of cunning, tactics and sometimes stealth needed to complete this game.And if the plethora of Second World War weaponry isn't enough to keep you happy, then the thought of being able to interact with any machinery or weaponry found within the game might get you there.This game is nothing short of brilliant and will have you playing into the small hours of the night attempting to complete the campaigns. It is best described as Tomb Raider set in the Second World War, but with bigger guns, more people and more powerful enemies. --Stuart Miles
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