Hidden Dawn
Genre Action -> Adventure
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Date N/A
Publisher N/A
While loosely described as a fantasy adventure to ‘save the world’, Hidden Dawn attempts to touch sparingly on several concepts such as redemption, sacrifice, family, self-limitation, internal conflict, vengeance, social awareness, independence and overcoming tribulations.

Of note is the design decision to portray the protagonist as a common citizen, instead of a powerful scholar of magic, or a mighty warrior of weapons and tactics. The abilities of the main character are mainly not a talent or skill of the heroine, but conferred upon her at specific moments in the game by the receptacle she carries.

Gameplay will be available to the player through 4 playable characters. Heru, the main heroine, is provided mostly with puzzle and environmental challenges. Combat will be offered through interactive cutscenes, sometimes with the heroine. Heru, however, will not be used during player controlled combat sessions, but Kai instead.

2.1 Abilities
Heru will be the only character with access to the Essence, a collection of abilities tapping into the fabric of the universe. Each facet of existence has its own list of sub-abilities. Not all will have the same amount of options. Ratna-kul is known to possess certain abilities, as well as forcefully inserting some of them into his followers.

Vita – essence of vitality, dealing with rejuvenation and growth (plant control)

Graviton – essence of gravity, dealing with repulsing and attracting objects, or Heru’s body

Infusa – essence of unity, dealing with directing characters, or viewing from their eyes

Cereb – essence of the mind, dealing with reading thoughts, or mental suggestion

2.2 Puzzles
Hidden Dawn provides challenges through various forms of puzzles, from physical ones in environmental travel, to shape-based puzzles requiring the use of certain Essence, to mental puzzles of pattern recognition, time-based puzzles and dialogue-oriented puzzles.
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