High Heat Baseball 2003 Review

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Graphics: 9.0
Sound : 7.0
Gameplay : 8.0
Multiplayer : N/A
Overall : 8.0
Review by Rajen K.

We all know 3DO of the Army Men series, Uprising and the ever so popular Might and Magic series. Looking at these games makes you think if they are capable of making a good sport game. My review will give you an answer on that question.


The graphics in the game are very realistic; you actually see the faces of the players and sometimes even the expressions on their faces. The player movements are very smooth, they move when they have to hit, they walk and run very lifelike and what I like most is that they make gestures to other players and the referee. Another great extra in this game is the signals the coach makes at the start of some pitches, its fun to see him make all kinds of weird moves, even if I don’t understand them.

Sounds / Music:

This isn’t really a game that I was expecting to have awesome music tracks and wonderful sounds. There is some music though, if the player approaches, it sometimes plays an intro track. Also when a Home Run or a Grand Slam is made it occasionally plays a little sample of music, but that’s about it. The sounds are all right; at least the crowd doesn’t make the same cheering noise over and over again, what we see in some games that I’d rather not mention.


I think the goal of 3DO with this game was to make a very complete baseball game that follows the real leagues narrowly and at the other hand let’s you make your own leagues. I must say they did a great job if this was their actual goal. The player movements are very realistic and each player has his different pitching/batting position/style. I must say I did get lost in some of the options, there are just too many, it took me 3 times to fix the options back to normal, but besides that, there aren’t any big problems in this game.


3DO did a marvellous job, it was the first of the serie I played, though their approach to the "perfect simulation" is really awesome. They really pleased me with this, and believe me; sport games don’t please me easily. I bet if they continue this and make a series of it, they will have some of the best baseball games ever made.