Highlander The Game
Genre Action -> Adventure
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Date N/A
Publisher Eidos
Date N/A
Publisher Eidos
You are Owen MacLeod...the Highlander. Born over 2000 years ago and still alive, you are Immortal. Moving through the centuries you have fought to survive against other Immortals in legendary battles where death comes only by beheading.

Now, a mysterious figure has unleashed a series of attacks on New York, intent on tracking down MacLeod. Owen soon learns that his only chance to defeat this mysterious figure, and thus save his own head, lies in reuniting the three fragments of a mysterious stone that, when whole, is reputed to bring unlimited power to the Immortal that possesses it. Sensing that his destiny is closely linked to this ancient artifact, MacLeod must sift through his memories, plunging him into three key periods of his past, and leading him inevitably toward his ultimate destiny: one final battle against his greatest enemy.

Exploit your immortality by impaling yourself with enemy weapons to disarm them, using your body as a conduit for electricity and fire, and surviving long falls.
Experience the Quickening as you absorb the power, strength and skill of rival Immortals.
Master the Claymore, Katana and Twin Gladius in intense sword combat using skills and techniques acquired throughout the centuries.
Utilize cat-like agility and Immortal skills to navigate physical challenges within the environment.
Journey through an epic adventure spanning 2000 years, from 1st Century Pompeii, to 9th Century Highlands of Scotland, to 14th Century Feudal Japan, and near-future New York
Immerse yourself in the Highlander universe, brought to life through incredible visual detail with the Unreal Engine 3 technology.
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