Highway Hunter
Genre Action -> Shoot Em Up
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Date N/A
Publisher N/A
Date N/A
Publisher N/A
North America Retail Box ArtThe hunted has become the hunter! 5 years ago the Axis of Allied Planets conquered the earth and sent all the humans to "adjustment camps". You have had all the oppression you can take! With the help of your friend Mickey, who has secretly built the MASTER (Multi-Attack Super Turbo Energy Ranger), you escape the camp and hit the open road. You are now a fugitive with a desperate mission - to get the MASTER to the Partisans so they will have a fighting chance in their revolt against the Axis. The Asix is going to use all the power necessary to destroy you, so act quickly and guild up all the power you can to fight them off. Run over upgrade modules with your vehicle to increase your chance of survival. Each module give you a different ability, such as temporary invincibility, added energy, and a massive photon pulse, to keep you strong. Use as many of the lasers, missiles, guns and flashers as possible to fight your way to the Partisans. When you feel weak, use the shields you run over on the highway to conserve weapon energy and protect your vehicle from mines and oncoming enemy attack. If you are really in a bind, use the cheat codes to elude your foes or gain more ammmo. It's just you against a massive force in this thrilling test of skill and strength, so give it everything you can. Remember, the Partisans and your fellow humans are relying on you!

- One Man - One Car - One Mission - A Thrilling Game Of Action & Adventure
- Challenging Fun For The Whole Family - No Graphic Violence - Full Menu With Story Line
- Easy Installation - Just Insert The Diskette, Type GO, And You're Up And Running!
- MS-DOS 3.5" Diskettes
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