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Review by Bholl

This game is like the movie "Leon", you are a hitman who works from some secret society and you have to kill certain criminals in a special clean way.

The idea of this game is in some way unique...i didnt play anything like this before on the PC It is Soldier of Fortune action with the die-hard strategy of Commandos :)


To control this baby you need around 8 keys and the mouse ( ouch ). The mouse is like in all fps games used as a aiming device while we control our hero with the normal numeric keys and extra keys like page up/page down to scroll trough your weapons. Our hero can do a lot of things, you have keys to let him look and shoot around corners, you can run, you can sneak up on someone.

You start a mission watching at your laptop, getting mission info, buying your gear looking at pics of the target(s).
I found out that the best way to start a new mission is by walking around the new area and looking at all possible escape ways and good hiding places. secondly you need to look what kind of people walk at what part of the area, there are different kinds of people, your first missions are in Hong Kong were you have the Blue Lotus people walking in blue clothes and the Red Dragon guys in their red/black outfits.
When your target is someone from the Blue Lotus, you could look for a Blue Lotus gang member walking alone in the streets, sneak up to him, get your piano wire (yes it is a weapon) and kill the poor guy from behind without anyone else hearing it, wear his blue clothes and drag the naked man in a alley so his patrolling gang members wont find him, if they do find him they will look for you and kill you. Then with your blue outfit you can easily come close to your target because blue lotus members will not shoot at you. This is only a simple method that only works in the first mission(s), later on you will have to change clothes a lot, sneak up a lot and other nice things like placing car bombs and tracing people with a GPS.

The game has a very nice AI...when you steal someone clothes after killing him and patrolling gang members see the body, you are dead meat, so you have to be very carefull. Gang members patrol sometimes in certain paths like the enemy does in Commandos, so you can camp at a certain spot and wait for them :)

No Multiplayer options this time :/

The levels look great, nice streets with good looking buildings and many nice details like garbage cans and citizens walking around.


The game has nice speech, clearly spoken, nice quality, the accent of your "teacher" is funny! All the guns sound like they should so the sound effects are well done :). The music is very good for this genre...electronic music with a slow beat...great! Too bad the music doesnt change when things get hot under your feet.


When we play we see our hero in front of us, we look at the back of his head and shoulders.
The game runs very well on my P3-500 with 128 MB RAM and a Diamond Viper 770 Ultra.
I set the resolution too 800x600 and color depth at 32 bits, i also installed it on a P3-800 with a Geforce 256 DDR, the game runs very smooth at 1024x768 in 32 bits color. So i think its as heavy as SoF when it comes to graphics.
The engine is not a famous one, its one custom written for the game so nothing much to tell about that. Everything looks very good, our hero is nicely detailed and so are the enemies and the maps and the textures.


I think everyone with some Commandos and SoF experience should at least try this! It has very sweet action, and some really deep strategy. This will keep you up for days, some missions are extremely hard, so you will have to retry them again and again and think of new strategies.
As soon as i am done writing this review i will go back to where I left off in Hitman because it really got me hooked, im in the jungle right now, and i keep dying :)