Hogs of War Review

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Graphics: 6.0
Sound : 6.0
Gameplay : 7.5
Multiplayer : N/A
Overall : 7.0
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Hogs of War (c) Infogrames


In a RPG you need a plot, but in a action game do u need anything? Anyway, since there's a single player mode there's some war plot. Every mission has it's own little part on the plot, but the real target is just to conquer everything. Introduction screens and menu are essentials, no effects, just a couple clicks from the game, at least there is no load time from main menu to secondary menus. First intro screen is pretty humorous, like all the game had to be, yes, I was expecting an all laugh game, instead there was only a funny game in the package (yes I did look well, there was no other game inside and no inflatable female pig too).


Well, if you did play any of the games in the worm serie, then Worms in 3D tells everything. In case you where one of those cocks that didn't play worms and choosed to stick with Doom at the time of the first worm, and Quake on the sequel, well, here is something about worm-genre. It may sound odd, but hogs of war is a turn based war game. NO... WAIT, don't stop reading, the game is action packed and a lot of fun. Two teams faces each other, depending on various variables a team consist of 3/5 pigs. At turn the players (1 or more using the hot seat concept) takes the body of one of the pigs, move it around, choose a weapon, choose an enemy and fire at will. Each pig has some life energy, bringing that at 0 for all enemy hogs is the aim of the game. In single player the game will seem boring, even if it's a long way better than worms, here there's a full campaign to afford shared along many missions. Controls are pretty easy, moving around with stick or arrows, one key to jump, one to choose weapon, two to choose weapon height and another one to shoot and choose weapon strength. Hogs of War introduces some different categories of hogs, like engineers and spies, each hog depending on the role he was promoted to will have access to a wider/different genre of weapons. May seem a small enhancment, but it works pretty well with one player mode.


Well, in this department the game completey blows. Even speeches that at first (when you can understand what the fuck they are saying) are laughable will get on your nerves, stealing time from gameplay itself. The explosions and various weapons samples works good to save the audio side of the game from a bad mark. Still the game is worth buying just to hear the rumor of hogs while jumping!


Hogs of War takes place in a full 3D world, the rendering engine is pretty poor, no awesome shadows and 2 years ago like textures. The pig models are well thought but not well animated, the weapons are basic models but still do their job. Anyway having a fast and not complex graphic does not take anything off the game, the fun stays there, no need to use unreal engine here.


If you play with real life friends (even virtual through inet) and have only one pc, this game is one of the best takeoff you can think of. For lonely players the missions are nice, but the A.I. is, like with worms, absurd, they will not miss a shoot, but still the PC is not able to move the hogs just to get in a better shooting place. As age target I would say this game is completely open, everyone can get it in few mins and take weeks to master everything. After few days rounds with your friends will last a lot more, trying to find places to defend yourself being able to face enemies from hills or mountains. A well balanced game, really funny, not really improved from worms.