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Date N/A
Publisher V.U.G.
North America Retail Box ArtUnited Kingdom Retail Box ArtEvery so often, a game comes along that completely redefines a particular genre. In 1998, Half-Life ignited first-person shooters with its addicting blend of storytelling and action sequences. Homeworld, a polished, groundbreaking first-time effort from Relic Entertainment, attempts to change the way gamers play real-time strategy games. In the past, none of these 3-D games have accomplished the daunting task with the same gorgeous visuals and tactical game play as Homeworld. Upon the discovery of an ancient galactic map inscribed with the words "our home," the people of Kharak began construction of a massive mother ship and fleet to traverse the galaxy and reach their long-rumored home world. Players construct, maintain, and control the Kharak fleet through 16 challenging single-player missions or against fellow humans on Sierra's WON.net online gaming service. During the solo campaign, you'll face literally hundreds of enemy vessels. All friendly and enemy ships, ranging from small, yet dangerously quick interceptors to the powerful, though expensive destroyers and heavy cruisers, are rendered with exquisite detail; further, expect plenty of impressive visual effects, from the glowing ship exhaust to fiery explosions. Adding to the pluses, Homeworld's thoughtful interface design eases the intense--and often complicated--resource gathering and combat situations. --Doug Radcliffe
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