HomeWorld Cataclysm Review

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Graphics: 10
Sound : 9.0
Gameplay : 10
Multiplayer : N/A
Overall : 9.5
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Homeworld: Cataclysm

OH YEAH! This is what I want from a game: "Command multiple 360-degree 3-D views as you manage ship production and deployment in a gorgeous outer-space environment, leading your fleet against a powerful alien menace"... and what can I add, as a total fan of the old Homeworld? I've played it for a couple of days already and this game ruined my relationships.. hehe. Well amongst 3D strategy games in space, this one is the top of them all for sure. Well, it's larger than the original, with 17 single player missions, and those missions are pretty meaty. For those who never heard about this game, it's an RTS based on battle between 2 fleets: Kiith Somtaaw and The Beast. There have been significant changes to the interface and the game revolves around two new fleets and a whole new storyline. There are new ships on the Somtaaw side, and the Beast fleet is made up of a mix of many ships from various fleets, such as the Somtaaw, the Taiidan, the Kushan, and the Turanic raiders. I love all of the new ships and some of the modifications the Beast has made to ships from Homeworld are very cool. The infiltration ships, the Mimic and the Leech are always a lot of fun. And of course you can't beat the massive destructive capabilities of the Dreadnought, Multi Beam Frigate and the Destroyer. Siege cannon on the Somtaaw Command Ship can blow up enemy fleets with its massive shockwave. Oh well, it's time to rate this game.

GFX - 10/10 - Shockwave explosions, shielding effects, holographic projection effects, external construction, cool repairing effects, new salvaging effects, and lens flares... All of those in great 360-degree 3-D views.

Sounds - 9/10 - It is a complementary balance that gives the title some of the best voice acting ever seen. Sound effects as they relate to gameplay are equally as well done, and are dynamically reproduced at different levels depending on the angle, zoom level, and position you have towards the camera.

Gameplay - 10/10 Star Wars? Hehe... even better. Besides the fact that is the best RTS I ever played, I bet the multiplayer mode is better, and I just can't wait to kick some asses at it.

Overall: GRAB the damn game!