Genre Strategy -> Strategy
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Publisher 3DO
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Box ArtErathia is in turmoil following the murder of King Nicholas Gryphonheart. Would-be rulers have divided his once-peaceful kingdom, warring against each other for gold, supplies, and--above all--power. All this and more takes place within Heroes of Might and Magic 3, an easy-to-play game clearly designed for serious fantasy gamers. With a huge roster of heroes, monsters, and artifacts, you control your personal corner of Erathia. The heroes go out to accumulate treasure and wipe out monsters on your behalf. In the meantime, you improve your land holdings, further strengthening your tactical position. Quick thinking and shrewd tactical judgment are required to come out on top in this intrigue- and danger-filled world. Like many current strategy games, players do not have to settle for merely besting a computer. Network and online play are available for those wishing to test their mettle against a live opponent. Heroes of Might and Magic 3 is accessible to less serious gamers (those who don't wish to determine whether an orc can beat a power lich), but it provides combat statistics and a wealth of information to hard-core number crunchers. This admirable flexibility makes it a game that will appeal to anyone interested in sword-and-sorcery gaming. --Alyx Dellamonica
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