HOMM 3 Shadow of Death
Genre Strategy -> Strategy
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Date 2000-03-29
Publisher 3DO
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North America Retail Box ArtOne of the top fantasy strategy games is back and better than ever. Heroes of Might and Magic 3: The Shadow of Death fills in the back-story of the original campaign, Heroes of Might and Magic 3: The Restoration of Erathia. This prequel includes the full Erathia game and story line; it's essentially the same game as Heroes 3 but with new scenarios to test your strategy skills. New features will tantalize any devoted fan of the Might and Magic games: there are magic items that can be combined to create more powerful artifacts, and new creatures and terrain types. The map editor has been overhauled, and a new campaign editor makes it easy to design your own scenarios. A map depicting the land of Erathia dominates the game screen. Cities under your control fly your flag, and temples, treasures, and tombs lie in wait for your hardy adventurers. Players control one or more heroes and send them forth to gain experience, spread influence, and conquer enemies. You can order a rider to the nearest ore mine, adding its production into your kingdom's wealth, or send a force straight for the nearest monster and duke it out for its treasure. Combat takes you to a new screen where your hero oversees his or her minions--monsters and soldiers they have recruited to the cause--as they fight it out in turn-based battle against the assembled enemy. Each hero can recruit several groups of fantastic warriors--everything from angels to zombies--and each creature has its own particular strengths. Add in the effects of the various hero classes (Knight, Wizard, Necromancer, and more), the ability to cast spells, and the influence of magical artifacts, and the battles can offer up a serious strategic challenge. --Alyx Dellamonica Pros: Loads of new scenarios for endless strategic challenges Compelling and interesting story lines Campaign editor lets you create your own adventures Cons: Compatibility with other players in multiplayer mode depends on everyone running the same game version
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