Horse Racing Manager
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Date 2003-06-27
The game is divided in a multiplayer option and single player option. there are also 3 levels to choose of: Easy, Medium and hard. The are 3 single player modes in this game:The first is the game mode, in this mode you are a jockey, and you can participate in most of the races. Cyanide did a really good job with the gameplay, and because of this, its very fun, and easy to control youíre jockey. A well balanced starting system, and system to control the speed, and to select the priority of the jockey, gives you the feeling like youíre riding a horse in real. in this mode, youíre objective is simple: win races.The second single player mode is the Betting Mode, in this mode you can go around the world to all races, from the smallest till the most prestigious. You can bet in many different ways (first, first two, in top three,...), and you see a table with the latest predictions. You can also ask tips from a bookmaker, which costs you money. You are else able to see the races in 3D and maybe you discover a good horse to bet on for next time.The third and probably the biggest mode is the Stable mode. Here you are the owner of a stable, you have to buy horses, sell horses, buy buildings, buy staff, train youíre horses, sign them up for races, breed horses and even create a food mix. like you see, they thought for everything, and that just makes everything even more fun to play.

You have to start with selecting a country and city to place youíre stable, each place has his advantages, and disadvantages. The choose of a country and city will have a direct impact in the evolution of the game.
You can add events in youíre agenda, like going to a race, going to an auction and so on...
All races that you visit, can be viewed in 3D, to see youíre horse performance.
Before a race, you also have to select which jockey that is riding youíre horse.
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