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f you fought the Bydo and shooted the Bacterians in the core, you are ready for the war against the evil god Hydorah. Choose the path to follow and fight planet by planet against hordes of meroptians. The game features lots of short and intense levels with fantasy spacial landscapes, unlockable weapons and secrets, and a large library of enemies and bosses. There is a single dificulty level, based on the 80's standards. It can be very hard, but with every beaten level there will come the glory.

Graphics and playability are both old school style, simple but hard polished. I want to give an special mention to the original soundtrack, composed exclusively by the brilliant Gryzor87, who has not hesitated in taking legendary synthesizers to create a retrofuturistic, powerful and sometimes dark soundtrack. Each level has a same-lenght track, composed to fit the visuals like a glove.

* Old school feeling and 16 bit appeal
* Smooth and addictive playability
* 16 levels (27 sublevels), 30 bosses and a library of more than 70 different enemies
* A single difficulty level, hard but fair.
It requires the player to improve himself and his skills in order to master the situations
* Route selection
* Weapon selection menu, power ups, and unlockable new weapons in every mission
* Dark background and brilliant bullets that lets the player see clearly what is happening around
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