Hyperball Racing
Genre Sport -> Racing
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Date N/A
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Hyperball Racing is a computer race game which is set in a fantasy world with legends based on a place we know as earth. The game includes several race modes: tutorials, championship, time trial and quick race. The game features an extensive set of multiplayer modes including capture the Hyperball, team deathmatch, deathmatch, dominate the Hyperball and racing. Over the course of several tutorial maps you will learn the different aspects of the game. In the tutorials you will learn to race, shoot and defend yourself in the deep jungles of the world of Hyperball. You can race on different islands, each in a new setting. Go treasure hunting on the isle of the pirates or race along ancient historic temples and through vast bamboo forests on the isle of the orient. In championship you get the chance to beat Beverly, the stupid blond bimbo humanoid or Gronk, the grumpy stiff fish-snail and many others.
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Hyperball Racing Trailer
53.92MB - 53 downloads - 7 September, 2006

1:27 of in-game footage

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