Genre Strategy -> Puzzle
Today's Rank 28565
Date N/A
Publisher Nobilis
Date N/A
Publisher Nobilis
I-Fluid allows you to explore the everyday world from a unique perspective, that of a drop of water. The title challenges drops to solve physics-based puzzles; avoid evaporation, absorption and thirsty insects as you move about a photo realistic environment.

15 levels plunging you into different and amusing situations
3 game modes (mission, petals, time attack) for an extended game lifespan
A full physical world featuring tons of interactions with photo realistic environments.
Acquire diverse abilities throughout the game: jump, double jump, cling on walls and even control objects.
Watch out for absorbing surfaces such as sugar, sponges…
Use fruits and vegetables to regenerate you with their moisture
Stay away from hot surfaces that will evaporate you
Avoid thirsty insects trying to swallow you up
Solve entertaining and unique physics-based puzzles that will thrill your neurons and foster your imagination
Explore an amazing loft and discover our everyday life from a unexpected perspective!
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