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North America Retail Box ArtIcarus, where mankind lives in fear of the ark creatures that walk the land in search of prey, is a world on the brink of apolcalypse. Ercanet, the god of evil, is determined to make the world suffer for banishing him from Icarus. With legions of demons and necromancers at his command, the gods of good oathbound not to interfere, his plan nears fruition... You must assist Dreus, the leader of the Coshark Mercenaries, in fighting Ercanet's hordes. Gathering allies along the way, you must travel by land and sea to eventually do battle with the dark lord Ercanet himself, in his real of chaos. Enlist the help of archers, sorcerers, and many others to strike at chaos with the light of hope...

- Fully detailed, 3D modeled characters and environments portrayed in high resolution
- Original musical score included inside on a bonus soundtrack CD
- A myriad of spells, items and weapons!
- "An excellent - and addictive RPG" - Next Generation
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