Genre MMOG -> MMOG
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Date N/A
Publisher New Game World
Date N/A
Publisher New Game World
Immortals has its roots in Ancient Chinese Mythology and this game brings that ancient conflict to a whole new level with four races divided into two warring factions. In the Not So Closed Beta, players will have access to 4 fully customizable races: Demon, Dragon, Deity, and Human. The game is filled with challenging quests, unique titles, fame system, and even a pet system that players can start to raise and ride their pets at level 20.

Each area has a unique feel and fabulous art. The deities fly and the dragons live in an underwater realm. The action is awesome and world is incredible. The struggle for the survival of each race is the challenge facing every player. Whether chasing down and battling a mythological beast for a rare item or leading your guild into a fierce battle against an opposing force, one thing is certain, the battle will be immortal.
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