Imperium Romanum: The Conquest of Brittania
Genre Strategy -> RTS
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Date N/A
Publisher Kalypso Media
Date N/A
Publisher Kalypso Media
Conquered by Emperor Claudius in the year 43, the Roman province Britannia reached a period of prosperity during the time of Hadrian’s reign in the second century, crowned by the construction of Hadrian’s Wall.The Value-Pack “Conquest of Britannia” for the bestselling strategy game Imperium Romanum offers the opportunity to conquer the British mainland in four encouraging missions, such as Eboracum (York) or Londinium (London).
This value pack also includes many new tablets and an improved art- and gamedesign.

4 new encouraging missions:
Londinium (London) – The Heart of Britannia
Aquae Sulis (Bath) – The Sacred Spring
Eboracum (York) – Castrum Eboracum
The Completion of Hadrians Wall
Plenty new task tablets
Extended speech
Improved art- and gamedesign
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