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Impire Launch Trailer (HD)
20.11MB - 73 downloads - 14 February, 2013

Impire tells the Impudent tale of Baal-Abaddon, an Impatient and Impulsive demon Imprisoned in an Impractical Imp body by the Impotent and Impaired sorcerer, Oscar van Fairweather. The situation is Imperfect, but not Impossible; Baal will have to Improvise to Impress allies, Impede and Impale raiding parties of Impolite heroes, and Improve his Impish body to reclaim his Imperial throne.

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Impire Metal Trailer (HD)
24.9MB - 63 downloads - 25 January, 2013

The video, which provides puny mortals with a horrifying glance at the creatures and worlds beneath Ardania, is set to a soundtrack so dark and epic that viewers will be unable to stop themselves from joining BŠal-Abaddon in the Bottomless Mosh Pit.

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Impire gamescom 2012 Imps Behaving Badly Trailer (HD)
25.2MB - 46 downloads - 15 August, 2012

While the world focuses its attention on the revelry and madness at Gamescom, the demon Baal-Abbadon has taken advantage of the distraction to spew forth a fresh dose of his limitless evil. Using Paradox Interactive as his earthly vessel, the demon lord has condensed his foul essence into the form of a new Impire trailer, giving the world a peek at the horrors that await them in his upcoming dungeon-building strategy game. Those who dare to view the video will be forced to witness imps, as they lazily sleep and even scratch themselves. It's just too gruesome to bear.

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Impire Announcement Trailer (HD)
14.78MB - 61 downloads - 28 July, 2012

Impire is a game of strategy that challenges players to properly assess and allocate the evil within their black hearts. Taking place within the fan-favorite world of Majesty, players of Impire will be tasked with ruining the lands of Ardania for those fans by reviving the greatest threat the realm has ever known within a dungeon lair of their own design. Run your Impire by defending against heroes invading a personalized demonic compound while also sending underlings to the surface to wreak chaos among those who call the land near your Impire home. Utilizing a vast array of minions, deadly traps, and a growing arsenal of wicked spells, players will guide the demon BŠal-Abaddon to his rightful place atop the skulls of his mortal foes... just as soon as they can help him escape the body of a pathetic little imp.

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