In The Shadow Of The Raven 2
Genre Adventure -> Adventure
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Date N/A
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The story takes place between two worlds – the medieval Europe (these motives were used also in the first Raven game) and a futuristic world that is ruled by a galactic government, based on principles of the Plato's ideal state. Main character, an unconventional monk Severin, will try to uncover the mystery of a man, called Kadmon, who is looking for his lost sons.
There is also certain Major Gletch chasing dangerous interstellar pirate Buxtrod. And our hero may find mysterious connections with the journey made by Joseph of Arimathea, who brought from the Holy Land something that should have never fallen into wrong hands. Severin again starts to think about the nature of his dreams, of his origin, and it wouldn't be him, if it didn't get to discussions
about the meaning of life, universe and all the related staff.
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