Incoming Forces
Genre Action -> Action
Today's Rank 5358
Date N/A
Publisher Garage Games
Date 2002-02-28
Publisher N/A
Incoming Forces Incoming Forces United Kingdom Retail Box ArtThis is a 2 game box set - contains the original smash hit Incoming and Incoming Forces. Vengeance - 20 years after the earth was attacked, humanity has created an armada to uncover and attack potential alien threats. They have found your homeworld, and your planet will be next...unless they can be stopped. Windows 98-2000-ME-XP

- Advanced physics engine that allos life like motion of objects in real time and unbelivable gaming environments and weather effects.
- Story driven campaign spanning 10 huge levels unfolding across 4 worlds.
- Massively destructive weapons including Fly-By-Wire manually guided missiles
- Pilot aircraft, tanks and turrets and switch vehicles on the fly
- Full internet and LAN support for intense multiplayer action
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Incoming Forces North America Retail Box Art

Incoming Forces United Kingdom Retail Box Art