Genre Strategy -> Puzzle
Today's Rank 20054
Date 2007-03-29
Publisher Merscom
Date 2007-03-29
Publisher Merscom
In Ingenious, players place hexagonal chips of six different colors on a hexagonal board, scoring points, blocking opponents' tile placement and trying to protect themselves from being blocked by their opponents. The chips are like hexagonal dominoes, have two hexes connected, and each hex containing a different color. Once no chips can be placed on the board, the game is over. The player who has the lowest amount of points for any of the six colors loses. Game strategy requires that you score points for each color, and this requires concentration and strategy. Like chess, Ingenious is easy to start playing, but virtually impossible to master.

A challenging and exciting game for 1-4 players or as a team game.
Three different difficulty levels.
Play against the clock, or online against real opponents.
Incredibly easy to learn and just as addictive.
Enough strategy to have players scampering to win, but enough random luck to make the game unpredictable.
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