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Review by A.S.
After playing so many Real-time Strategy games, Sports, First person shooters and ofcourse, 3rd person shooters, you just want to grab on that wheel you bought and Drive like a mad man, Ladies and CrazyMen, here comes INSANE!


This is what you would hear from your friend sitting right near you while your playing INSANE: "Turn Right You DipShit!", well, Yea!
When it comes to Gameplay, Insane comes really close to perfection, featuring a broad range of game modes, each one having its own Kick and perk, giving even the hard-core gamer a ride from above (Oh thank you god...).
Insane, shortly, is a All Around racer, you get into a car, choose your game-mode (if available in that series if playing Championships) and try to win. The AI is quite quite good, for once, you don't just wait to get online to play the game (although it is VERY tempting...), the Artificial Intelligence will give you enough hard time to Restart that track you were playing.

Some of the gametypes available are Capture the Flag, where you must capture the flag (hmm, interesting) and Stick with it, the more you hang on to it, the more points you win; If that wasn't enough, you can try and reach the Bonus gates while holding the flag without being BoinKed.
One of my favorite modes is Destruction Zone, As in DESTRUCTION; Remember Destruction Derby? well, you'll like this then, Big 4x4's roaring to get their fronts (And backs!) into your opponents to get more points and eventually win the game.

Controlling the cars is one of INSANE's strong points, you can never really Fully control the car, you Will loose control and you Will find the car (in some cases) turned upside down, Why is it a strong point? because its Fun! moreover, Jumping that cliff while taking the Speedo Meter to the MAX is absolutely thrilling.
The game gives you enough View points to satisfy your needs, you can drive it up in an Arcade kinda way, or get into the car like a hard-core racer, ether way, you are going to experience a joy of a lifetime (Well, Maybe..)

I would like to point out that the game modes give this title one of the better Spins to racing games, with game modes like Gate Hunt,Return the Flag,Off Road Race,Pathfinder and Jamboree and more, you will not be sorry you got your hands on this baby.

If in some point, you feel you just had enough and the game is starting to repeat itself endlessly, its time to head Online, giving the true meaning of Kickass(TM) driving, beating all those loser's online is a feeling that grows on you, multiplayer will never be the same again :P

Graphics: 8.9

Splendid, Although I heard some complaints from my fellow gamers around me that played the Demo, they said the game was "unimpressive", well, I say Nay!
Insane features a Realistic Physics engine, making the game more realistic (and more intense), the models of the vehicles, terrain and surroundings are well modeled and textured, all to fit the Fast Gameplay that is born into this game.
Overall, the graphics are really smooth, the GF/X are quite adorably, although I'd like to see more explosions next time, You can safely say this game is a Two ThumbsUpper.

The Audio sound effects are very remarkable, for once, I didn't hate hearing those engine roaring sounds, rushing you into driving even faster than you'd ever believe possible :P, some have said the music tracks are worth buying the title just for hearing them, I say they're an excellent gaming choice for this game, making you pump up the volume on your brand new surround speakers.

Overall Impression: Rate: 8.666

A Definite winner, Online gaming is a huge success on this one, you'd be INSANE not to get it :P