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Insecticide is a fast-paced, hard-boiled detective game set in a festering future city where bugs have evolved to become Earthís dominant race. A murder at the powerful Nectarola soft drink company leads police from the Insecticide Squad on a bug hunt through the cityís seedy underbelly and into a mystery of epic proportions. Players join detective Chrys Liszt and her partner Roachy Caruthers on the case as they become entangled in a web of crime. Itís an action adventure in the truest sense, immersing players in cinematic combat levels as well as story-based detective work. Using Chrysí unique insect abilities, a range of bug weaponry and good old fashioned street smarts, players must solve the case and uncover a shocking secret.
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Insecticide Downloadable PC Bisodic Adventure Trailer (HD)
140.26MB - 77 downloads - 8 January, 2008

1:11 of in-game footage

play Insecticide Downloadable PC Bisodic Adventure.. download Insecticide Downloadable PC Bisodic Adventure..
Insecticide Two Trailer (HD)
80.01MB - 122 downloads - 16 November, 2007

1:01 of in-game footage

play Insecticide Two Trailer (HD) download Insecticide Two Trailer (HD)
Insecticide Bugtime Trailer (HD)
174.98MB - 85 downloads - 20 October, 2007

1:00 of in-game footage

play Insecticide Bugtime Trailer (HD) download Insecticide Bugtime Trailer (HD)
Insecticide Trailer #2
117.71MB - 161 downloads - 29 June, 2007

2:03 of in-game footage

play Insecticide Trailer #2 download Insecticide Trailer #2
Insecticide Teaser Trailer
3.59MB - 183 downloads - 13 February, 2007

334x250 - 23 seconds

play Insecticide Teaser Trailer download Insecticide Teaser Trailer