Iron Cross
Genre Strategy -> Strategy
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Date N/A
Developed by Irshappa, Iron Cross is an expansion for the Grand Strategy game Hearts of Iron II introducing a completely overhauled map with 4,000 new provinces, fresh scenarios as well an extended playtime of 1933 to 1964. New units and brigades, thousands of historical events, improved AI and an impressive new technology tree will ensure that Iron Cross elevates the Hearts of Iron II playing experience to unprecedented heights.

- Play as any one of over 200 nations from 1933 to 1964
- New game map with more than 4,000 new provinces
- Over 6,000 new events
- Technology tree with a realistic research system across 800 technologies
- New units and brigades including special forces, infantry and heavy artillery
- Improved AI with greater depth and more options
- Will be compatible with Hearts of Iron II: Armageddon, Arsenal of Democracy and Darkest Hour.
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