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Date N/A
Publisher Isotx
The setting for Iron Grip: The Oppression takes place 25 years after the destruction of the Majestic, the largest Rahmos Air Ship ever created. Supreme Chancellor Lossing has issued a Zero Tolerance act, and things are not looking good for the Resistance. With the Southern Allies being pushed back and Resistance forces constantly being exposed, all hope seems lost. Resistance cells desperately hide in the cities Mercos, Garados, and Torun in an attempt to escape the storm.

Rahmos Special Forces are uncovering more and more Resistance groups. Despite these setbacks, Resistance members continue to hack Rahmos television broadcasts and try to gain more support. The hacked broadcasts teach people about the Resistance and their goals. These programs greatly anger the Rahmos government, who will stop at nothing to destroy the Resistance.

The remaining Resistance cells have to lay low. If discovered, they have draw attention to themselves so other groups are not captured. Every map starts when a cell is exposed. The location of Resistance forces has just been revealed and Rahmos has evacuated the city. Everything is sealed off and the only way for the Resistance to escape before the Air Ships arrive is by assassinating the Rahmos General or defending the control points. Without the control points, the General cannot call in the Air Ships. If he is killed, Rahmos forces do not have the proper codes to bring the ships in.
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Iron Grip: The Oppression Trailer
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