Iron Grip: Warlord
Genre Action -> FPS
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Date N/A
Publisher Isotx
Date N/A
Publisher Isotx
This is the setting of Iron Grip: Warlord, the first commercial game from Isotx. You play as one of the savagely independent Atelia warriors of Warlord Sahrab's army. Atelia has been invaded by the Confederation, a vast and ruthless army that has prepared the way for its invasion by sending in missionaries to convert the Atelians to the Fahrong cause. Atelia is rich in resources, and both the Confederation - led by the powerful Fahrong nation - and the Rahmos Protectorate know that Atelia would be a key conquest in their power struggles. Atelia itself is a fractured, anarchic country, with divided loyalties. It was Warlord Sahrab who realized that this large scale invasion cannot be resisted until the whole of Atelia unites, and so he engages in this deadly guerrilla warfare, designed to provoke the Confederation into bombarding entire cities.
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Iron Grip: Warlord Bunker Map Trailer (HD)
38.54MB - 59 downloads - 1 July, 2011

2:02 of in-game footage

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