Genre Strategy -> Puzzle
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Date N/A
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Julia for the PC, an adventure game inspired by the comics created by Giancarlo Berardi. Scheduled to be released in October 2007, Julia centers on this wonderful and famous criminologist. The Julia stories are also characterized by the presence of a first-person narrator, so we expect the game deliver a similar experience.
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J.U.L.I.A German Trailer (HD)
15.32MB - 36 downloads - 5 November, 2011

Cineastisches Krimi-Adventure mit innovativem Rätseldesign, ausgefeilten Charakteren und langer Spieldauer!

play J.U.L.I.A German Trailer (HD) download J.U.L.I.A German Trailer (HD)
J.U.L.I.A Trailer #2
74.79MB - 90 downloads - 11 May, 2011

The very first official trailer lifting a veil which was surrounding Rachel Manners and her mission far away from home (1:30)

play J.U.L.I.A Trailer #2 download J.U.L.I.A Trailer #2
J.U.L.I.A Temple of Eternal Flow Trailer
2.79MB - 30 downloads - 21 March, 2011

Finding secret places and discovering lost knowledge plays a big role in J.U.L.I.A. (0:51)

play J.U.L.I.A Temple of Eternal Flow Trailer download J.U.L.I.A Temple of Eternal Flow Trailer