Jack Keane
Genre Adventure -> Adventure
Today's Rank 849
Date 2008-04-15
Publisher Strategy First
Date 2008-03-07
Publisher Kalypso Media
Colonial England. Under a certain amount of… duress… Jack takes on a job which will not only cause him a great deal of trouble, but also bring to light the answer to a mystery out of his distant past. A lack of money leads Jack to accept a charter to take a British secret agent to mysterious “Tooth Island”. When Jack’s ship shatters on the mysterious island’s cliffs on arrival and the secret agent quickly becomes a meal for a monster in the jungle, Jack is soon left to cope with the situation on his own.

15 different locations and lots of sub-locations
More than 250 different objects which can be used, combined and exchanged
Dozens of zany characters
Cinematic storytelling with scads of cut scenes
Easy entry into play and loads of playing fun right from the start
Jam-packed with humour
Perfect orchestral background
Based on the renowned PINA technology used in “Ankh”
Play as Jack or Amanda
Full screen effects, including glow, depth of field and motion blur
Soft-edged shadows
Various particle effects
Dynamic lighting
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