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In Jets and Guns you earn money for killing and destroying everything. The more money you make the more you can upgrade your ship with new armor, guns, bombs, missiles, cooling systems, shields, and so much more. In total there are over 57 different weapons and 19 special devises to use to the fullest. You'll need them to blast your way through 200 different enemies across 21 long levels of play with three difficulty settings!

New level with the final showdown and death of the Enemy.
New boss in the final level.
Twin Xoxx on "nightmare".
Bigger difficulty rise after finishing the campaing.
"Race" level adjusted to curent difficulty level.
Fixed English (in the most cases ;) - big thanks goes to eddy!)
"Cheater bug" fixed.
Time limit for destroying the stargate in a "jungle" level.
New superior ship.
New camouflages for the Hypercopter.
Fixed Hypercopter slots (they shoot forward).
Superior ships' cooling downgraded.
New weak heat sink item added.
Fixed Autotron Air.
Fixed Black Friday.
Some weapons' powers adjusted.
Many more minor glitches fixed.
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Jets'n'Guns Gold Trailer (HD)
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Jets'n'Guns Gold - the ultimate heavy piece of a ground shaking rock blasting action game.

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Jets'n'Guns Trailer
30.52MB - 245 downloads - 12 February, 2007

2:48 of gameplay footage

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