Jets'n'Guns Review

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Graphics: 9.5
Sound : 8.5
Gameplay : 9.5
Multiplayer : N/A
Overall : 9.2
Review by Scott “TheGoodEvil” Allred
Side Scrollers, the name conjures up boyhood images of Galaga at the arcade and space invaders on the Tandy 1000. I poured more time and money into side scrolling action as a kid than most adults have on cars, for the soul purpose of owning the top 3 high score spots with my shining initials. Lately there have been some games that make me go into all out action arcade mode, one of which is Jet’s n' Guns, and it’s absolutely yummy!

Damned if you don’t!
It’s been a while since I got into a side scroller, I missed out on the Ikaruga phenom that swept the gaming world by storm but I’d be damned before I missed Jets’ n’ Guns and all it’s promise!

Can you say F-I-R-E-P-O-W-E-R
Jet’s n’ Guns is a campaign style side scroller, but I wasn’t really taken by the story and half of the time I didn’t read the mission’s briefing anyway. I usually just went to the shop where I would look for the best guns to add to my jet and there are plenty of them. The main reason to play Jet’s n’ Guns is the customization of your ship. You can add many upgrades to your to improve performance, improve defense, but more importantly, make your firepower more powerful!

Rail guns, homing missiles, and bombs all spell fun. But there are more than a few little trinkets to garner your craft with. There are 57 freakin’ weapons to quench your thirst for blood and metal, all the while a cherry smile will pucker your cheeks and devious cackles will fill the air. You can upgrade weapons depending on how much money you have, you can take a worthless gun and turn it into a masterful weapon of potent destruction. Likewise you can upgrade your ship to aim weapons in different directions, so you can literally cover the whole screen in bursts of fire. You’ll need to constantly upgrade your weapons and weapons platform because damn... I mean damn... this game is hard.

It’s over? But I wanted to kill more things.
In all honesty Jets 'n’ Guns is a fun game but very short, like “I beat it in a few hours” short not “I beat it in a few days” short. In one afternoon I sat down and couldn’t be removed from my PC, I sat eagerly shooting at vehicles forcing their explosion, and then I killed all the people that ejected from those vehicles MWAHAHAHAHA!

The shortness isn’t that bad because of the replayability of the game, you can set higher levels of difficulty and spend endless hours dieing and coming back with a new weapon layout in hopes of finishing the level, do to very few in game save points you had better bust your jewels to stay out of harm’s way but still kill as many things as possible.

Whoa, look at the pretty colors.
The visuals are stunning and at any one time towards the end of the game there can be dozens of colors spouting from ships and weapons, hordes of enemies pound at you with a vast array of weaponry, though as for enemies themselves you’ll find a LOT of the same enemy vehicles from start to finish. Some levels look grainy and could be polished a bit more, but the mass explosions and insane amount of stunning weapons fire will wash all thoughts of graininess away as you’ll be lighting up your computer room with the awesome light show that is your weapons system.

I love the music in Jets n Guns, it really sets the mood for destruction, in fact is does such a good job I find my self head banging to the lovely industrial rock/techno jams that are provided for your pleasure. Explosions and gunfire are also pretty well done and definitely add to gameplay.

TheGoodEvil’s verdict
Arcade side scrollers might not be the end all be all they used to be but man in an age of Half Life 2 realism a step back in time with an awesome game is just what the doctor ordered. Anyone that blew there spare cash on Galaga back in the day will love Jets’ n’ Guns and for only about 20 bucks it’s very much worth it

The Goods,
Fast paced action, ship customization adds RPG element, tons of weapons, hours of replayability, stunning weapons effects great music, addicting gameplay.

The Evils,
Very short, very hard, some of the graphics look grainy, wish there was more music, addicting gameplay.