Joystick Johnny
Genre Action -> Arcade
Today's Rank 22498
Date 2007-09-26
Date 2007-09-26
Joystick Johnny is a marathon of 80's-style minigames set in an authentic arcade atmosphere.

Racing against the clock, Johnny literally jumps into classic game parodies like Hogger, Pizzaroids, and Moonwalk Patrol to chase down the Video Virus, who transforms into a different character for each game it possesses.

But reflexes alone aren't enough. The unique token system requires the player to choose the order of minigames that will maximize their score. Because each arcade - and each player - is different, no one strategy is perfect, and the choices become more interesting each time it is played.

Over 25 multi-level minigames
3 play modes: Arcade Challenge, Mystery Mix, and 1-Dollar Dash
A hidden 8-bit treasure in every game
Player-created online scoreboards
80's electro-pop music by famous video game remixer Makke
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