K.O.S.: Secret Operations
Genre MMOG -> MMOG
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Date 2010-01-12
Publisher YNK Interactive
Date 2010-01-12
Publisher YNK Interactive
K.O.S. will be YNK Interactive’s first FPS game. With its Global Ranking System for bragging rights and an Online Clan System that allows friends from across the world to unite against their enemies, this upcoming game will bring players together for the single purpose of FPS domination.

• The first free-to-play FPS to use the preeminent Source game engine
• Play online with your friends from around the world -- for free
• Multiple game modes
• Compare yourself to all players through our individual and clan ranking system
• Grow your gunner through leveling and special abilities
• Need more players on your side? Draft some KOSbots, the latest in AI infantry
• Secret documents can be found in-game, which can be traded for special items
• Confident in your skills? Enter Pro Mode and put your (in-game) money where your mouth is!
• System requirements allow virtually any PC to play
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